A portfolio of advanced process solutions for Sulphur Recovery with suitable design for gas plants, refineries, upgraders, biogas, shale…etc. There is only one interface to treat all sour effluents that benefits from intensive knowledge in amine technology with the experience of AdvAmine™.

Process Principle

For each application, a tailor made effluent handling solution including:

  • Specific Claus process scheme for 99.5% sulphur recovery
  • Special high ammonia content design
  • Oxygen enrichment for debottlenecking or reduced investment
  • Cofiring of lean acid gas with proprietary burners
  • Handling of lean acid gas with RSH, COS & BTX
  • Acid gas enrichment and gas sweetening with AdvAmine™ portfolio
  • Direct oxidation processes for very lean acid gases
  • Sour Water Stripper designs: single or double stage patented scheme
  • REDOX technologies: SweetSulf™ Process

Technology Selection


Modified Claus process with 98% Sulphur Recovery - 35 references Worldwide since 1957

  • Claus: up to 99.5% sulphur recovery, low CAPEX, very high reliability, low footprint, low pressure drop, suitable for very large capacities, improved configurations for better recovery (HydroSulfreen and DoxoSulfreen) - 50 industrial references
  • SmartSulf™: up to 99.5% sulphur recovery, low CAPEX (few equipments), very low OPEX (no heating), low footprint, very low pressure drop (one through process), developed by ITS (17 references)
  • Sultimate™: up to 99.9+% sulphur recovery, high absorber performance with less than 10 ppmv H2S, open market chemicals or proprietary for very tight specifications only
  • Other sulphur recovery technologies : sulphur degassing, steam balance management, sulphur handling management, multipurpose incineration, REDOX technologies and subdewpoint tail gas treatment processes (Sulfreen™ and Clauspol™)

Key Benefits

  • For each level of Sulphur Recovery: its adapted process
  • Minimization of the investment by selection of the process the most fitted with recovery requirement
  • Very high sulphur recovery performances : more than 99.95% with Sultimate™ process
  • Compliance with the most stringent international emission standards
  • Special design for small size Sulphur Recovery, to minimize investment and maximize reliability and efficiency