Offshore / Floating

Offshore and Floating Oil & Gas production plartforms are always a challenge. Thanks to its extensive know-how in the field of gas treatment and its important investment in Research and Development, PROSERNAT has the ability to undertake any offshore engineering constraint and specification, providing custom made equipments for a complete range of treatment processes.

Modular Strategy

Any type of processing unit which is used onshore can technically be implemented offshore. PROSERNAT has worked a lot on modularization concept to offer optimized process solutions for offshore and floating environment. Our units are designed to answer offshore key drivers : weight, size and motion.


Environment Challenges


When installing a unit offshore, the following aspects are to be taken into consideration :

  • Weight is critical
  • Footprint has to be reduced
  • High installation compactness impacts safety requirements
  • Maintenance and logistic are an issue
  • Offshore treatment is always more expensive than onshore
  • Offshore constraints will affect process selection and design

As an expert in custom made solutions supply, PROSERNAT proposes specific offshore engineering focusing on these project key drivers.

Experience and Research

PROSERNAT has more than 55 references offshore. By holding its own processes together with complete engineering capabilities from basic design up to construction supervision, this makes PROSERNAT a reliable supplier, able to offer tailored and optimized solution to meet offshore and floating units design and procurement specifications. PROSERNAT R&D programs include innovative developments with the aim of adapting process and units design to offshore and floating :

  • High pressure redox SweetSulf™ process for selective H₂S removal and conversion into solid sulphur: MDEA and acid gas treatment replaced by a single process step
  • Ifpex-2, autothermal scheme for bulk CO₂ removal and reinjection: no thermal regeneration, no external refrigeration, CO₂ is recovered dry and under some pressure
  • Amine based processes: development of new liquid distributors to reduce column height and enhance performances under moving conditions for floating applications