HySWEET® is the option for mercaptan removal from natural gas. HySWEET® is an hybrid solvent process allowing simultaneous mercaptan removal with CO2, H2S with low hydrocarbons coabsorption (< 1 vol. % in acid gas) in order to avoid impact on Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) and to maximize treated gas volume.

The HySWEET® Solvent

HySWEET® solvent is an addition of a selected physical solvent to an amine which maximizes absorption of mercaptans, with limited coabsorption of hydrocarbons (typically < 1% HC in acid gas). It reduces reboiler energy compared to amine solvent (-10% to -15%). HySWEET® has more than 6 years of successful operational experience on commercial plants.




Key Benefits

  • Low solvent cost
  • Design tailored to meet any level of mercaptan removal
  • Less hydrocarbons coabsorption than with competing hybrid solvents, no impact on Claus unit operation
  • Corrosion, foaming and solvent degradation identical to amine plant
  • Comprehensive absorption/desorption model integrated to a proprietary process simulator
  • Lower energy consumption than amine processes for solvent regeneration -10 to -15% saving
  • Amine units may easily be swapped to HySWEET®


HySWEET ® is a trademark owned and registered by TOTAL group - used by PROSERNAT under license