AdvAmine™ is a complete portfolio of amine based processes developed by TOTAL and IFP Energies nouvelles with more than 50 years of operational experience. AdvAmine™ large set of process solutions, based on widely available open market chemicals, can treat any type of natural gas sour effluent and achieve the most severe specifications.

Process Principle

Total acid gases removal from all sour gases

Selective H2S removal with  CO2 slippage from sour gas or separated acid gas (acid gas enrichment, sulphur plant tail gas treatment)

Total H2S removal and controlled  CO2 removal for all applications including LNG

Process Scheme



A Technology developed by an operator for those who operate

  • More than 200 units under license (among which about 1/5 operated by TOTAL)
  • Experience since 1957
  • Implemented in 25 countries
  • Single train capacity from 5.6 up to 1,320 MMSCFD
  • More than 65,000 MMSCFD total aggregate gas treated worldwide

Key Benefits

  • Efficient and reliable amine sweetening processes
  • Can treat any sour gas composition
  • Achieves the most severe specifications
  • Tailor made solvent composition adapted to each specific case
  • Open Market Chemicals:
    • Multiple suppliers
    • Reduced solvent costs
  • High amine loading experience allows compact design even for highly sour gases
  • Extensive operational knowledge
  • Flexible custom made designs with a wide range of solvents and process configurations for all kind of applications

AdvAmine™ is a trademark for the technologies owned by TOTAL, now developed with IFP Energies nouvelles and marketed by PROSERNAT under license.