Compression is an essential step in the frame of natural gas handling. Wheither it be for gas transportation purpose, storage or upstream of treatments, compression is most of the time required in Oil & Gas projects.

Industrial References

The picture below shows the balance of plant for 5 compression trains (2 LP + 3 HP) for Filanovsky Central Processing Platform (end user : Lukoil) for which PROSERNAT scope was full engineering (basic and detailed), procurement and skids fabrication of 3 TEG packages with regeneration, a fuel gas package and a balance of plant for 5 compression trains including F&G detection, deluge, MCC with Delivery FCA of skids, pre-fabricated parts - mix packages and loose.

Process Principle

Compression systems involve compressors together with process pieces of equipment such as separators and coolers. Depending on the application, several technologies may be chosen to meet project requirements. Compressors may be of several types (centrifugal, reciprocating, screw,…) when different technologies may be chosen for separation and cooling of the process gas.

PROSERNAT Advantages

PROSERNAT has many industrial references for compression application and offer the following advantages :

  • Engineering and supply of process components (scrubbers, interstage coolers,…) for gas compression modules / stations
  • Selection of appropriate separation technologies for compression station balance of plant through large expertise in such systems
  • Modularization of compression systems balance of plant for remote location
  • Complete gas compression modules / stations
  • Turn-key gas compression stations (in association with compressor vendors)
  • Upgrading of gas compression stations