Solutions Upstream

As a proprietary technologies licensor and modular units supplier, PROSERNAT has a unique position on the market by holding its own processes together with complete engineering capabilities from basic design up to construction supervision. This makes PROSERNAT a reliable supplier, able to offer tailored and optimized solutions to meet any client’s specification and projects challenges.


We offer unique gas treatment processes for upstream applications and timely deliver custom made solutions adapted to our customers' constraints. Our complete range of technologies makes us a specialist in process selection and optimization. For every solution we provide, we propose a full scope of engineering, procurement, fabrication, aftersales and operational services.

MEG Recovery
PROSERNAT is the exclusive licensor of MEG Regeneration and Reclaiming proprietary process owned by CCR Technologies Ltd., a Canadian company having developed in the 90’s the most cost effective process to purify and reclaim high value chemicals. > More
An efficient and reliable sweetening processes portfolio able to treat any sour gas contaminants and to achieve the most severe specifications.
The widest technological choice for Natural Gas Dehydration including liquid and solid desiccant absorption and liquid hydrate inhibitor injection.
Global handling of H₂S released streams from natural gas treatment and refining units with only one interface to treat all sour effluents.
Oil / Desalting
Reliable and flexible static technology for minimal supervision and low maintenance costs handling high water cut and high sediment content for refinery and production field applications.
NGL Recovery A complete offer for NGL recovery purpose covering Joule Thomson, mechanical refrigeration, HC and water simultaneous dewpointing (with MEG or MeoH) and improved cold process with Proserpack™ technology.
Compression Engineering and supply of process components (scrubbers, interstage coolers,…) for gas compression modules / stations. > More
Offshore /
As an expert in custom made solutions supply, PROSERNAT has specific knowledge of offshore engineering including floating environment key challenges. > More
Providing modular strategies with significant shortened schedules, cost savings and improved safety requirements for all conditions. > More