Engineering Services

PROSERNAT offers a complete scope of engineering services including process licensing, feasibility & conceptual studies, basic engineering design, FEED studies, process selection & cost studies, safety reviews, technical expertise, revamping engineering studies, advanced process control, detailed engineering, modular construction & procurement and construction assistance.

Conceptual and Reliability Studies

The main objective of conceptual studies is to determine the best architecture for treating a gas and bring it to the specifications required for injection into pipelines. They require a well knowledge of the different existing processes available on the market to select the best suited to the needs. R&D projects are also sources of studies. We can define an industrial unit from pilot tests. This full-scale exercise brings many questions: process feasibility, research equipment suitable for service, investment costs and operating costs, impact on safety and environment. These are real challenges that require both innovative qualities and pragmatism.

As PROSERNAT is also supplier of gas processing modules, we can offer generic studies to reliable operation of the units by comparing and offering equipment (heat exchangers, pumps, internal) best suited to the service.

Basic books and FEED

A great part of studies carried out by PROSERNAT are basic books in which we will find such material balances, data sheets of equipments and PIDs. These books are developed for one or more technologies (Drizo™, MEG reclaiming, Advamine™, AdvaSulf™) and allow the detail engineering company to build the units.

PROSERNAT can go further than the development of a set of basic books. Sometimes we realize FEED for medium sized plants with the following main objectives:

  • Writing a set of project specifications such as the definition of piping classes
  • The creation of a 3D model 30%
  • The preparation of requisitions for the long lead items
  • Conducting risk assessment and impact studies
  • The calculation of the CAPEX/OPEX
  • Sometimes the writing of the EPC bid requisition

Existing units in Operation

PROSERNAT is regularly asked to carry out studies on existing units in operation for which the client is considering an increase in capacity or performance improvement. To carry out such studies, it is necessary to retrieve the documentation of the installed equipment and sometimes perform a function test of the unit to know its performance state.

Another type of study on existing units are the site expertise where the objectives are mainly to improve the operating conditions, the overall performance of the unit, the safety and environmental impact. Our senior engineers supported by our experts are regularly asked for this type of mission.