Aftersales Services

PROSERNAT Advances Customer Services, is a team entirely dedicated to services and customer support. PROACS™ offers customers a wide range of aftersales services including revamping, troubleshooting, technical assistance and spare parts management.


PROSERNAT Advanced Customer Services is a single source provider for personalized customer services. Our people team is entirely dedicated to any aftersales concerns including : field studies, revamping, troubleshooting, warranties, operational technical support, training, start-up & commissioning assistance, training and spare parts management.


  • Respond to industry need for operating support
  • Answering to increasing demand for adapted and upgraded solutions
  • Help our customers' maintenance
  • Secure future projects

Multiple Offers Format

  • Light: basic service with faster on demand support
  • Custom: basic service + 1 or more options as needed
  • Full: basic service + all options of global services management

PROACS™ Packages

The « Spot » solution:

  • Custom services on demand
  • One time deal (no long term commitment)

The « Comfort » package, a long term relationship securing:

  • Production shut down savings (prevention)
  • Preferential service rates
  • Adapted process solutions (pre-studied)
  • A guaranteed priority response

The “Guaranty” package, a long term package with the “Comfort” solution benefits and an extended guaranty proposed