AdvaSulf™ - Downstream

AdvaSulf™ was designed to handle H₂S released streams from refining units. AdvaSulf™ technologies portfolio can treat all acid and sour effeluents with different levels of Sulphur Recovery for optimum investment.

Process Principle

For each application, a tailor made effluent handling solution including:

  • Specific Claus process scheme for 99.5% sulphur recovery
  • Special high ammonia content design
  • Oxygen enrichment for debottlenecking or reduced investment
  • Cofiring of lean acid gas with proprietary burners
  • Handling of lean acid gas with RSH, COS & BTX
  • Acid gas enrichment and gas sweetening with AdvAmine™ portfolio
  • Direct oxidation processes for very lean acid gases
  • Sour Water Stripper designs: single or double stage patented scheme
  • REDOX technologies: SweetSulf™ Process

Technology Selection


Modified Claus process with 98% Sulphur Recovery - 35 references Worldwide since 1957

  • Claus: up to 99.5% sulphur recovery, low CAPEX, very high reliability, low footprint, low pressure drop, suitable for very large capacities, improved configurations for better recovery (HydroSulfreen and DoxoSulfreen) - 50 industrial references
  • SmartSulf™: up to 99.5% sulphur recovery, low CAPEX (few equipments), very low OPEX (no heating), low footprint, very low pressure drop (one through process), developed by ITS (17 references)
  • Sultimate™: up to 99.9+% sulphur recovery, high absorber performance with less than 10 ppmv H2S, open market chemicals or proprietary for very tight specifications only
  • Other sulphur recovery technologies : sulphur degassing, steam balance management, sulphur handling management, multipurpose incineration, REDOX technologies and subdewpoint tail gas treatment processes (Sulfreen™ and Clauspol™)

Key Benefits

  • For each level of Sulphur Recovery: its adapted process
  • Minimization of the investment by selection of the process the most fitted with recovery requirement
  • Very high sulphur recovery performances : more than 99.95% with Sultimate™ process
  • Compliance with the most stringent international emission standards
  • Special design for small size Sulphur Recovery, to minimize investment and maximize reliability and efficiency