Refinery Modular Experience

PROSERNAT has supplied more than 500 modular packages covering all kind of oil and gas treatment applications. PROSERNAT modular fabrication expertise extends beyond PROSERNAT’s technological area, covering applications based on other technologies such as processes licensed by PROSERNAT’s sister company, Axens.

Modularization Concept

Based on process design performed by PROSERNAT’s mothe company Axens, PROSERNAT offers complete modular refinery units for all kind of applications.

Why to choose Modules ?

The delivery of a complete skid-mounted module is a key choice in the following contexts:

  • Refineries with complex access and a lack of manpower
  • Restricted plot areas for installation of new units
  • Minimize disturbances of ongoing operations

PROSERNAT Advantages

PROSERNAT modules offer the following advantages:

  • Shortened schedules: a 25% schedule reduction is usually achievable during project execution when modular construction is considered. The major schedule reduction is obtained because construction can be performed at the same time as the construction phase on-site. By the time the modular unit reaches the owner’s site, the field is ready for module installation and connection with existing facilities.
  • Cost savings: by maximizing workshop construction and assembly, full advantage is taken from an efficient and organized work progression. 40 to 100% higher labor productivity is usually achieved and supervision time with a trained manpower is generally reduced by 25%. Cost savings are also achieved on field, where a modular unit requires less plot area and simpler foundation than a similar stick built unit.
  • Improved safety requirements: most of the labor intensive tasks are achieved in a workshop or on a yard chosen for its favorable and efficient working conditions. Construction permits are not necessary and there is no interaction with ongoing site operations, it greatly reduces owner’s safety concerns.