Solutions Downstream

PROSERNAT has developed specific designs to adapt technologies to oil refinery application. For this segment of our activity, we successfully supply engineering and modular equipment packages in order to meet our customers' satisfaction with the same range of services offered for upstream applications.


We also dedicate our engineering capacities to downstream applications including Sulphur Recovery, Crude Oil Desalting, CO2 Capture and Modular Fabrication designed to meet refining applications requirements.

Global handling of H₂S released streams from refining units with only one interface to treat all sour effluents.
Crude Oil /  Desalting Reliable and flexible static technologies for minimal supervision and low maintenance costs handling high water cut and high sediment content for refinery and production field applications.
State of the art and advanced post Combustion CO₂ capture in Flue Gases : reliable, safe, no impact on power plant operation.
We have a dedicated experience of supplying modular refining and petrochemicals units based on process technologies from our sister company AXENS. > More