Pre-treatment of highly sour gases

SPREX® is a new technology developed by TOTAL, IFP Energies nouvelles and PROSERNAT for the bulk removal of acid gases from highly sour natural gases, upstream of amine units.

SPREX® has been developed to meet the challenges of the development of very sour (>10% acid gases) natural gases:

  • Reduced sweetening costs
  • Sulfur market saturation
  • Acid gas reinjection


Used as pre-treatment upstream conventional sweetening processes (e.g. amine process)

  • H₂S removal efficiencies up to 80% or 90%
  • Direct treatment of water saturated feed gases under certain conditions
  • Complete removal of mercaptans
  • Acid gas produced as a pumpable liquid stream for reinjection.
  • Significant savings on the overall treatment + reinjection scheme with Sprex®:
CAPEX – 17%; OPEX – 35% (energy savings mainly)

Sprex® demonstration pilot

A joint development between TOTAL, IFP Energies nouvelles and PROSERNAT

  • Demonstration plant design, fabrication, on field installation
Demonstration main plant characteristics :
  • Capacity: 2.5 MMSCFD
  • Feed gas under 915 psig
  • Feed gas composition: H₂S 18 – 40% vol  CO₂ 10.5 – 8.7% vol
  • 5 different feed trays
  • Variable reboiler duty
  • Multiple on-line analysis points
  • Pilot test completed


  • An enhanced version of Sprex®, for CO₂ bulk removal 
  • Developement completed
  • Best fit for gases containing > 40% CO₂


Sprex® – Lacq, France