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Published Papers

As a gas treatment expert, PROSERNAT proposes for major Oil & Gas events and magazines, technical papers covering a wide range of subjects including innovative technological developments, challenging projects and operating issues solving. These papers are available upon request, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain them.

Gas Sweetening

  • Size the acid gas removal units of floating facilities at the tightest” - GPA Europe Fall Conference, 2017
  • How waves can significantly impact the performance of an amine unit installed on a FLNG” - GPA Annual Convention 2016
  • Hexapod pilot tests determine the influence of 3D motions on the performance of an AGRU in a floating environment” - IPTC Conference 2016
  • Acid gas treatment upgrade for Qatargas” - PTQ Gas Supplement 2016
  • Mitigating corrosion in sweet gas” - Gas Processing Magazine, September - October 2015
  • IFPACC™, a new structured packing for reactive absorption” - International Conference on Distillation & Absorption, 2014
  • How to manage impact of motions on design of floating amine unit?” - Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference, 2014
  • Successful operation of selective amine unit at low gas turndown” - SOGAT, 2014
  • COSWEET™: deep COS removal from natural gas compatible with all H2S / CO2 specifications” - Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, 2014
  • COSWEET™ makes COS removal compatible with selective H2S removal” - GPA Europe Spring 2013
  • Extend the treatment of highly sour gases” - SOGAT, 2013
  • Solutions for the treatment of highly sour gases” - GASTECH, 2011
  • Corrosion control on amine plants allows compact unit design with high acid gas loadings” - GPA Europe Spring, 2009
  • Special H2S extraction” - Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine, October 2008
  • Corrosion control on amine plants: new compact unit design for high acid gas loadings” - SOGAT, 2008
  • H2S bulk removal with the SPREX® process first operational results” - GPA convention, 2006
  • COS removal from natural gases by absorption in alkanolamine solutions” - GPA convention, 2006
  • “Highly sour gas processing: H2S bulk removal with the SPREX® process” - SOGAT, 2005
  • Successful revamp of MDEA unit at Qatar petroleum increases capacity” - GPA convention, 2005
  • A new look at amines: extending the gas industry " workhorse " to new limits” - GPA convention, 2004
  • A critical look at amines : a practical review of corrosion experience over four decades” - GPA convention, 2004

NGL Recovery

  • Ifpex-1, a process well suited to shale gas projects” - GPA Annual Convention 2015

Sulphur Recovery

  • Compact modular SRUs, a game changer ?” - Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine, August 2017
  • Delivery of a compact SRU with high Sulfur Recovery efficiency for an early production facility in Kuwait” - PTQ Magazine, Technology in action, May 2017
  • "SmartSulf™for sulphur recovery from dilure H2S sources" - Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine, December 2015
  • "Boosting sulphur recovery with sub-dewpoint process" - Sulphur Magazine, March - April 2015
  • "Salamanca, high sulphur recovery with ease of operation" - PTQ Magazine, Q1 2015
  • SmartSulf™ process in direct oxydation mode for very lean acid gas application” - SULPHUR Conference, 2015
  • Successful treatment of lean gas containing BTX” - Sulphur Magazine, November - December 2015
  • Advantages of modular construction for small scale SRU in harsh climates” - SULPHUR Conference, 2014
  • SmartSulf™ for sulfur recovery from H2S lean gas" - Sulphur Magazine, November 2014
  • Clauspol process: improvements and performances to Tail Gas Treatment” - SULPHUR Conference, 2010
  • Latest developments of the Clauspol TGT process” – AICHE 2003

CO2 Capture

  • Development of technologies for  CO2 Capture from flue gases” - Best Paper Award GPA Europe 2010

Gas dehydration

  • Operational feedback from the Nkossa Drizo™ gas dehydration unit offshore Congo” - Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, 2011
  • Drizo™ revamping of offshore TEG unit improves NGL Recovery: the Ekofisk challenge” - GPA Europe, 2003
  • Successful revamp of turbo-expander NGL Recovery process” - World Oil Magazine, 2003
  • Solving aromatic and  CO2 emissions with the Drizo™ gas/glycol dehydration process” - GPA Europe, 2001
  • Advantages of Drizo™ gas dehydration process

MEG Recovery Solutions

  • MEG Reclaiming Technology” - World Oil Magazine, Technology from Europe, April 2015
  • How to select best MEG recovery unit’s configuration?” - GPA Europe, 2014
  • CCR MEG Reclaiming technology: from mobile units to the largest Reclaiming unit in the world” - Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference, 2014
  • MEG Reclaiming technique inhibits hydrates, solids deposition” - Offshore Magazine, May 2014


  • PROSERNAT Offshore Expertise” - Offshore Magazine,OTC issue, April 2017