Technologies and equipment supplier to the natural gas industry

PROSERNAT Technological Portfolio Expands

PROSERNAT acquires ITS Reaktortechnik GmbH, a company offering a breakthrough Sulfur Recovery technology: SmartSulf™



For all its technologies, PROSERNAT offers a full scope of services including: process engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, supply of complete processing units / turn key units, assistance at commissioning and start-up and after sales services (technical assistance, training, supply of spare parts, revamp studies).

PROSERNAT offers a full range of processing units for :
Phase separation: conventional separators, floating production separators, electrostatic coalescers. Gas sweetening: Covering all gas sweetening applications, PROSERNAT is the licensor of the TOTAL amine processes (AdvAmine™) and IFP Energies Nouvelles sweetening processes (COSWEET, SweetSulf)
Gas dehydration: open art glycol processes, solid bed dessicant units, advanced proprietary glycol (Drizo™) or methanol processes.

 Sulfur plants: Claus, Tail Gas Treatment, Acid Gas Enrichment and liquid sulfur degassing (AdvaSulf™).

NGL recovery: open art processes, compact integrated heat exchanger, refrigeration loop, dew point control unit. Modular units: modular / packaged units for both upstream and refinery applications, based on AXENS technologies.

Gas compression: supply of process equipment, modules, up to complete stations.

CO Capture : Advanced CO capture solutions, AdvaCap™.




PROSERNAT is a subsidiary of Heurtey Petrochem and part of IFP Group Technologies.



 "Support our major international clients and partners to meet the challenges of the projects in the different fields of energy, offer the best technologies, combining competitiveness, reliability, flexibility, innovation, safety and quality: it is not only our mission but also our passion. PROSERNAT, we process your energy !"
 J.Illouz, Chairman & CEO